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Jordan's One and Only Blog Post

June 2nd, 2008 FOLKS!!! What's the good word!!!! First I wanna say sorry for not putting up a blog yet but you know me….I like to lay in the cut. Anyway, I just finished watching the Celtics win over the Pistons and now I’m sitting here in my living room writing this note. I’d like to tell you all how amazed, surprised, excited, and grateful I am to see such a response and outpouring of support for this reunion. It’s really mind boggling! I mean, I thought we could do good work and get a buzz going about this project but WOW!!! It makes me feel we have to work even harder to reciprocate the love we’ve been getting. A lot of people in the very beginning were asking…”well why are you doing it”? I really wouldn’t say much back (typical me behavior I guess) cuz deep down inside I knew that trying to explain in words just never cuts it. People now say “man aren’t you glad you chose to do it”!!!! I think to myself well “I didn’t choose as much as…it chose me” I really feel doing this is a calling, NOT a career move or a business decision. For a while now people have been asking in increasing intensity about a reunion. Whether it be a casual remark like “you talk to the other guys much?” or straight up “When are you guys gonna reunite”. So, I kinda felt it would be a good time, but more importantly it was a good time for me personally, and thank God for the other guys as well. Its not easy being in a group or a family or on a team but I believe its where you reap the most rewards and benefits. I think as long as you hang in there with each other through the inevitable friction you raise each others energy up and up and up to a point where it would have never gotten if you were alone. Good stuff!!! I needed it! I got it! Through being back with my homies from Boston and our fans across the world my life feels richer, more exciting, challenging, and a lot more whole, ……so THANK YOU!!! I REALLY, REALLY mean it!!! I love you all,…… see you on tour! Jordan

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