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Jordan Knight


Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight

Born: May 17, 1970

Resides: Milton, MA

Jordan Knight is the lead singer for New Kids on the Block. He is best known for his amazing dance moves and his unique falsetto voice. When he's not on stage wowing his fans, he hides from the world at home in Milton, MA. Occasionally he pops up to promote his popular restaurant, Novara.

Jordan is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada because his parents are Canadian. He's the youngest of 6 children, Allison, Sharon, David, Christopher & Jonathan. Both of his parents are Episcopal priests.

His hobbies are day trading, lurking on social media, but not posting and annoying people with his drone. He's never too far from his iPhone.

He loves to indulge in Starbucks when not on tour, which shows in his cheekies.

He claims to be recording a new solo album, but there is no evidence of this claim so far.

Sadly, Jordan's no longer on social media, though he says there's a chance he might come back.


Solo JK Music, Tours & Events

Jordan's Businesses

Jordan is an investor in a restaurant in Milton, MA called Novara.

556 Adams St.
Milton, MA
Jordan is the owner of a gym in Cranston, RI called Renegade Fitness.

* Jordan's gym has changed names several times. Prior names are Retro Fitness & Fit World.
Jordan hosts a fundraiser from time to time called Dancing for Hope.

Jordan's Hobbies

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